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Video Production

“Never missed any memorable moment in your life. Capture them. Document them. So that one day you can look back at these beautiful memories and smile.”

What We Offer


Our video crews have sufficient experience to organize complex video support for your business. We offer all types of video filming services. We will select the most successful angles, perform effective editing, and then provide a unique video recording of your events


Video filming of seminars is carried out using professional equipment, which allows us to guarantee the high quality of the result. Our video operators are equipped with modern technology, including a full-frame camera with a resolution of up to 5616 by 3744 pixels, a full set of illuminators, light filters and other professional equipment.



Phoria Film is a professional and high quality wedding recording team. It saves happy memories for you. An experienced and high-quality wedding recording team, with innovative wedding recording techniques and professional wedding recording equipment, completes exquisite and romantic wedding recordings.


Video filming of conferences, corporate films, real estate presentations and other products.

We suggest you expand the capabilities of your business project using video filming. A photo shoot for an online store ordered from PhoriaFilm can be supplemented with a video , which will make your store more diverse and attractive.

PhoriaFilm Video and photo studio offers high-quality video filming of conferences, trainings, presentations of commercial and residential property, goods and services, as well as other real estate.


We will make a corporate film about the company that you will be proud of!

Corporate video helps to create an attractive image of the company in the eyes of customers, partners, investors, employees. A corporate video is an effective tool to:

– Demonstrate technologies, quality of production processes & equipment of production sites.
– Share the benefits of the service for clients
– Introduce company structure and key divisions
– To convey ideas of corporate culture
– Share the company’s social responsibility


We produce Video Ads / TVC through strategy and creativity

TV Commercial or TVC is defines as publication in electronic media in the form of an e advertisement in the form of a film.

Promotional advertising of a product in the form of print media or digital audio & visual video is indispensable for product development whether the product already exists, re-branding or new products.

Advertising in the form of Digital Audio Video is very important in marketing. Audio Video media with a creative, funny, attractive appearance and supported by visual effects will further enrich the image of “Your Product”.

Music Video

If you are planning to shoot video clips, you will certainly be interested in “PhoriaFilm Video Studio”. How do we differ from our competitors, why should we be chosen for shooting music videos? There are several reasons, but the main one is the approach.

We treat each project as our own brainchild. We carry out preparation and post-production responsibly. Our goal is to catch the customer’s message, create a product for them that will satisfy the customer as much as possible. 

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